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Eesti Rahva Muuseumi aastaraamat on veebis tasuta loetav ning selleks pole tarvis luua kasutajakontot.

About the yearbook

The Estonian National Museum’s yearbook has the longest traditions of any of the museum’s publications. First published in 1925, it was the first and for many decades the only Estonian-language ethnology periodical published once a year.

The yearbook includes articles on Estonian ethnology, contributions from cultural scholars on Finno- Ugric and other fields, and articles on museum science. The topics covered correspond to the National Museum’s priority research areas in the fields of Estonian and Finno-Ugric ethnology (including folk culture and 20th century culture of the quotidian). In addition, the National Museum yearbook has become a key outlet for texts in the field of museum science, the National Museum being a central research institute in Estonia for the study of museum communication. Over the years, thematic editions of the yearbook have been published as well, for instance in the form of summaries of the most important research projects (National Museum yearbook no. 49 examined everyday life in the Soviet period and no. 60 looked at changes in food culture; no. 61, Finno-Ugric studies). The yearbook also covers activities at the National Museum (including annual reports).

The main authors represented in the yearbook are the museum’s researchers, curators and conservators. The yearbook also includes the latest research from other Estonian ethnologists, cultural anthropologists, folklorists, museologists and international contributors.

Since 1925, over 700 articles have been published in the yearbook. The materials have for years been of timeless value to scholars of folk culture and everyday culture. The articles include English and Russian summaries.

The yearbook is a peer-reviewed journal with an international editorial board and is published once a year.

The yearbook can be read online free of charge with no registration required.

Index of authors and articles

The index lists all authors and articles ever published in the Estonian National Museum yearbooks. It includes links to online content.